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The Learning Environment

Simplicity & Elegance

Zulu eLearning is built to be effortlessly simple whilst overwhelmingly powerful

Powerful Registration

User/Student registration is arguably the most important process of all. It is the first experience that the user/student has with your system and the information that you gather will determine what you can report on.We can setup your system with any of the following options:

  • Self Registration
  • Self Registration with approval
  • Register then select/purchase courses
  • Registration disabled
  • Batch upload via database (.csv file)

Self Paced Learning

With the power of self paced learning your users can log in and log out with freedom, allowing them to complete their training in bite size pieces or in 1 big chunk. This allows users to access and complete their training from virtually any computer which has access to the internet* and at any time.When creating a course you can also:

  • Set a time limit from when a course must be commenced
  • Once commenced, set a specific time period for completion
  • Set a period of time the course is valid for before a refresher needs to be taken

* Access to Zulu eLearning may vary depending on your organisations firewall setup.

Blended Learning

Don’t just rely on online or face to face training, the most sucsessful trainers are now offering a blended approach. Zulu eLearning allows training managers to easily add training records for courses/modules completed outside of the LMS

  • Create profiles for 3rd party RTO’s that provide training to your organisation
  • Create offline courses and associate them with the relevant RTO
  • Add offline training records to user profiles
  • Upload certificate/transcript to user profiles
  • Report on offline and online course records

Dynamic Content

Zulu eLearning offers you the ability to deliver your course in whatever format is most suitable. Practically anything that can be viewed on the web can be inserted and combined into a course. This includes:

  • Video (eg. Youtube or Vimeo)
  • Audio
  • Flash
  • HTML5
  • HTML4
  • Images
  • Plain text
  • & much more…

Intelligent Reporting

Zulu eLearning comes with all the reports you need out of the box. All reports can be exported as either PDF of .CSV file so that you can import the data into numberous 3rd party applications. Some of the reports include:

  • Course Completion
  • User Activity vs. Non-Activity
  • User Progression through Courses
  • Refreshers Due – send email notifications
  • Module & Lesson Results
  • Locked Users
  • Training Matrix (LMS overview)
  • Custom reports – you want it, we build it!