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Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance

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The Equal Opportunity Legislation place a responsibility on all employers to take ALL reasonable steps to prevent their employees from acting unlawfully in relation to workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying.

In addition the OSH legislation states that an employer and employees have a duty of care to provide a safe workplace.

Both sets of legislation make it clear that an employer is responsible for the actions of its employees unless it has taken certain steps.

One of the critical steps that an employer must do is to provide regular training to its employees in relation to the relevant Australian laws concerned with harassment (particularly sexual and racial), discrimination and bullying.

The courts have made it clear that the training must be:

  • Regular-once off is not enough
  • Mandatory for all staff
  • Outline the relevant Australians laws
  • Explain what can happen if these laws are broken
  • Identify that an employer as well as employees can be sued

Zulu Labs eLearning has partnered with EEO Specialists Pty Ltd to provide a comprehensive, yet easily deployed and operated, EEO Compliance Suite for businesses of all sizes.

EEO Specialists Pty Ltd will also provide a range of extra support support services depending on requirements and quantity of modules subscribed.

Level 1:  Risk Assessment Tool to assess levels of risks in relation legal requirements and what to do
Level 2:  An independent review of existing policy and procedures to identify currency and effectiveness of compliance
Level 3:  An initial legal advice (up to 1 hour) in relation to a workplace complaint connect to harassment and/or bullying up to 5 times in a calendar year

The EEO Compliance Suite comprises the following modules:

Equal Employment & Anti Bullying Laws Video Teaser

EEO Sexual Harassment Training Video Teaser

EEO Discrimination Video Teaser

EEO Training Bullying Video Teaser

EEO Managers Responsibility Training Video Teaser

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