Zulu eLearning | Anti-spoof & Phishing Policy
Aus: +61 3 9001 1590

Anti-spoof & Phishing Policy

Users of Zulu eLearning will have system email sent from zuluelearning@zululabs.com which is protected by the Zulu Labs DMACR policy.

To protect our customers, subscribers, our brand and reputation against spoof messages please find information relevant to legitimate messages that you may receive from Zulu eDM, Zulu eLearning & Zulu Labs.

On occasion we may send you an SMS from one of these number only:

+61  439 551 397

+61 437 879 302

Invoices sent to clients use “ZuluLabs Accounts <messaging-service@post.xero.com>”. If you have any concerns or queries about authenticity please contact us via support.

To best prevent our domain from being spoofed  we have implemented Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC). What does this mean? If your email servers are set to check for DMARC then only authorized servers can send email using our Domain (@*.zululabs.com).

Our public policy can be viewed here: https://dmarcian.com/dmarc-inspector/zululabs.com

We have set mail to be rejected if the email being sent fails authentication which in our view is the highest standard available. An example on how to check for DMARC authentication can be found using Gmail and the “Show Original”.